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Client Follow-up Address Labels

The First Week:

Your clients will receive a full set of handy peel and stick address labels welcoming them to their new home. Included with their new address labels is a keepsake quality photo of their new home featuring a thank you message from you. Perfect for the scrapbook. Or, If you’d prefer, a top quality standard thank you card can be mailed instead of the home photo.

Client Follow-up Postcard
Client Follow-up Newsletters Package

Then, they’ll begin receiving a gift subscription from you to the lifestyle magazine Today’s Living. This unique magazine is brimming with editorial features on such topics as home improvement, decorating tips, family life, hobbies, travel, and more. This beautiful magazine will be sent to your clients both in the spring and fall reminding them that you appreciate and remember them. A thoughtful and valuable gift subscription of 10 issues in all each customized with your photo, logo, and contact information.

Real Estate Client Follow-up Newsletter

Plus, we’ll help you build your personal brand through this series of attention-getting premium quality action cards. These stunningly beautiful home-themed series of cards (12 in all) keep in touch with your clients letting them know you remember them and appreciate their recommendation to friends, co-workers, and family members. Be their agent for life.

Client Follow-up Postcards

Real Estate Client Follow-up Postcards

This is the most powerful and effective Client Follow-up program for your long-term success in real estate.

Order ProPower Client Follow-up Now

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