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Planning for Surprise

The “Eureka” moment often comes as a surprise when you see something you never noticed before, or look at a situation in an entirely new way. “Planning for surprise” may sound like an oxymoron, but you can arrange to be caught off-guard by new insights if you make an effort. Here’s how to boost creativity and cultivate a sense of never-ending surprise in your life:

  • Pay attention to everything around you. As you go through your day, try to recognize when things are new or different. Focus more intently on what you see, taste and read. Adopt the attitude that you can learn something about whatever you experience. Never stop exploring. If you become complacent about the world, you won’t be able to enrich your life through observation and learning.

  • Change it up. Veer away from your routine. Change your hairstyle or wear something that is out of the ordinary for you. Try a new restaurant or take a walk in a park that you haven't visited before.

  • Keep a journal of surprising events. Make a record of when you surprised others and when you yourself were surprised. Writing down these events will make your experiences less fleeting. Eventually, you may see a pattern you had not noticed before. From this you may find a path to explore that you hadn’t previously considered. And you may encourage an increase in the flow of creativity in your life.

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