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3 Direct marketing tips for real estate agents

People want to feel wanted, and the same goes for your prospects and clients. Pursuing them and showing that you genuinely care about being their Realtor® is key. One of the best ways to do this is to be persistent with your direct marketing. This ensures prospects and client will recognize and trust you as the professional who can help them with one of the most significant purchases of their lives.


Rule of 7
There is a tried-and-true marketing theory called the “Rule of 7.” It’s based on the marketing principle that potential clients need to see your image or message 7 times before they decide to use your services. So, throughout the marketing process, your message must remain consistent and your delivery persistent.


Here are 3 direct marketing tips for real estate agents.

1. Keep your message relationship-focused, not transaction-focused.
Buying and selling a home is very personal. To build trust with potential clients, look for opportunities to make meaningful connections with them. This makes you the Realtor® they turn to because it’s clear you want to help them, not because you’re only looking for a commission check.

2. Include helpful tips and inside information about the real estate industry.
Break up your call-to-actions with mailings that educate and build relationships. Because direct marketing has the power to establish you as the expert, prospects will know who to contact for answers to their real estate questions.

3. Direct marketing is more personal than email.
Sending the same emails over and over again is not effective. Remember, your prospect’s home mailbox is much less cluttered than their inbox. Printed newsletters and postcards are great direct marketing options that stand out in a stack of mail and grab your prospect’s immediate attention.

Consistency and persistence are key for successful professionals who care about building relationships with prospects and past clients. So, take advantage of these direct marketing tips for real estate agents and don’t hesitate to get your message out there. Because if you don’t reach out to potential clients, someone else will.

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