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MPower Membership

A Digital Business Card and More

MPower, a digital business card and more, provides a seamless, digital, lead-generation solution to complement all TPMCO print products and services.

Exclusive advantages of MPower include your very own:

  • Digital NFC enabled ShareCard™
  • NFC enabled ShareTag™
  • Branded SMS keyword (i.e. TEXT PAML to 88500)
  • Personal QR codes
  • Dynamic dashboard

These are necessary tools to connect and communicate consistently.



Billed Annually

How It Works

MPower Membership

Order your MPower membership.

That’s only $12 a month — the same as you’d pay for 4 trips to your favorite coffee shop.

Log in to your account.

Log in at, customize your profile and activate.

Start connecting.

Add your branded keyword (example: Text PAML to 88500) or QR code, along with your call-to-action, to all TPMCO print materials. Additional connections will be made using your ShareCard™, ShareTag™ or QR code.

Put your MPower dashboard to work for you.

It’s easy-to-use, automated, cost-effective, and provides all the actionable data you need to succeed.

Interact with your network.

Track, target, manage, and reward your customers through a single dashboard.
Activate Now
Your fully customizable MPower marketing kit includes:
Digital Business Card
  • Share your contact information with potential clients via your branded ShareCard™ and ShareTag™
  • Build your target audience for re-engagement each time the card is shared
  • Fully customizable digital business card with logo, colors and custom CTAs
  • Save, Send, Connect, and Auto-Connect features, ensuring a two-way exchange of information with your clients and prospects
  • Branded app icon for your phone’s homescreen
Branded SMS Keyword
  • Capture cell phone numbers for instant lead generation
  • Trigger email, text alerts and engaged conversations with the auto-captured number
  • Build leads as well as an audience to re-engage later through additional marketing campaigns
  • Your own branded SMS keyword (example: TEXT PAML to phone #88500)
Personal QR Codes
  • Build anonymous audiences to retarget marketing messages
  • Redirect to new links without having to reprint items
  • Place on anything a smart phone can scan
Dynamic Dashboard
  • House your contacts and track your marketing efforts efficiently online
  • Create a segmented database automatically with zero data entry required
  • Re-engage on Facebook®, Instagram®, LinkedIn®, and over 50,000 other apps

MPower at a Glance

Powerful Analytics

Track and monitor all data associated with your ShareCard™ in one place, including all contacts, downloads, texts, scans, and more.

Complete Customization

Customize your ShareCard™ to be an extension of your brand! Add your photo, logo, colors, and call-to-action buttons, eliminating the standard follow-up email and creating forward momentum from the first conversation!

Auto Connection

When your client or prospect opens your ShareCard™ on their phone, they can instantly save you to their contacts by simply hitting the “Connect” button.

Automated Contact Management

ShareCard™ requires NO DATA ENTRY! Your contacts are automatically captured and saved to your Win Local® account, along with real-time alerts for all new contacts and referrals. All your data is available for easy export.

Automated Audience Building

Every time someone opens your ShareCard™ on their phone, our PeoplePixel™ will automatically build a dynamic audience for remarketing, just like a cookie or pixel on your website. The PeoplePixel™ works for EVERYONE you connect with.

Auto-Ad Placement on Facebook and Instagram

Quickly and easily create best-in-class, highly-targeted ad campaigns to reach your audience and stay top-of-mind on the world’s largest social media channels: Facebook® and Instagram®.

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